Q. What is this page all about?
A. You may read all about the directory and its purpose HERE (link coming soon - this is under construction as we speak).


Q. When I am placing a listing, it asks me about paid packages.  What is that all about?  Do I HAVE to pay to list?
A. First let me clarify that you most certainly DO NOT have to pay to list.  So what are the other packages about?  I am a one-man operation, paying out of my own pocket to bring a directory to the Renaissance Community because, well, I freaking LOVE this community.  However, it never hurts to have a bit of help financially to keep the page alive.  I plan to keep this site COMPLETELY pop-up free and ad-free, with the exception of having a banner ad program for ONLY stuff related to Renaissance Festivals!  So, the paid options are basically enhanced listings to help me keep the site up and going.  You support the site, and what you get in return are listings that are more visible to the users, thus bringing even more attention to your event.  All proceeds from these paid listings go right back into keeping this site alive and well for future use.

Q. Okay so I am making a new listing.  I got down to my location.  I entered my address, and selected my city/state/province/hole in the ground.  Shouldn't my location come up automatically on the map?  What's the deal with selecting coordinates?
A. I unfortunately do not have a system yet programmed into this site to allow this ease of function.  HOWEVER, this may be more of a blessing than anything.  I've noticed that sometimes when Google pulls an address, they get it slightly off from where it actually is, which can confuse a user who is trying to use the same map to find you.  A great example is the Denny's restaraunt near my house.  I put their address in, and Google says it is a mile north - right in the middle of our local Tinsletown!  LOL.  So it is better if you just click "Select Coordinates", then just zoom in to EXACTLY where your event is located, and select that.  This way, your event is assured to be in the right place on the map for all users to find you.  Note:  If you are a large renaissance festival, I highly suggest using your main parking lot entrance for the coordinates.

Q. META information fields while I am making a listing - what is this about?
A. I would ONLY worry about this if you are an advanced user who is already familiar with how META information works on a web site.  By default, I have META information turned on in the base settings, so even if you do NOT fill this out, your listing will still have a nice, friendly URL, and search engines will be able to find you easily.  So do not worry about these fields if you do not wish to deal with them.  They are in no way required.

Q. What is the difference between short description and long description?
A. The short description comes up by the listing during the search/browse process.  That is why it is best to keep this short, to only a few sentences if possible.  The long description is for the main bulk of your listing, so feel free to go wild there.

Q. What is the difference between Keyworkds and META Keywords?
A. See the question above regarding META data.  in addition, I do suggest you fill in the Keywords field with important key words that would help a user find your listing easier.  As for the META Keywords, again, do not worry about this field unless you are an advanced user who is familiar with META data.

Q. Help!  I keep editing my listing, and I selected multiple days under the HOURS field, but my most recent day won't appear!
A. After each day you enter hours for, you have to click "ADD".

Q. Amount of Live Show Stages - Is this for the physical stages or amount of stage performers?
A. This is for the amount of PHYSICAL STAGES you have constructed at your event.

Q. What is the point of my putting in the attendance from last season?
A. While this is not a required field, it is highly recommended if you have been around more than a year.  This helps a user get a good idea of just how large/small your event is, and this can be very useful info.  There are a lot of reasons for a user considering this, with only a few of those reasons being:

  • A merchant trying to find the potential for approaching you to open a booth.
  • A nervous patron who does not want to go to an event with huge crowds.
  • A diehard patron that WANTS large crowds.
  • Parents who want to plan how to prepare their children for attending the event.


Q. I noticed within my account page that I can create a classified ad, and attach it to my listing.  How does that work?
A. The listing is for your business itself.  The great thing about this directory is that not only do you have the ability to list your business, but you can also now tack on promotional offers with it.  So, say you are running New york Renaissance Faire, and you list the faire on the site.  You have a special coupon/promotion on a particular weekend you wish to make available - with this system you can do that!

Q. WOW!  That sounds awesome!  How do I do that????
A. First go to MY ACCOUNT and then, under MY LISTINGS, click MANAGE for the listing you wish to create a classified for. Now at the top, click the "+" sign next to CLASSIFIEDS.  Fill out the form and then submit.  Now the classified will be linked to your listing.  A user looking at your listing will see 'Classifieds" and if they click on that, they will see all promotions and classifieds you created for that listing.  This will be a GREAt tool for listing those special themed weekends, coupons, promotional offers, etc.


Q. I have a coupon, flyer or other media I wish to make available through my listing.  How do I manage this?
A. First go to MY ACCOUNT and then, under MY LISTINGS, click MANAGE for the listing you wish to upload a document for.  Now at the top, click the "+" sign next to DOCUMENTS.  Give the attachment a title and a brief description, and click BROWSE to locate the document you wish to attach.  Then submit, of course.

Q. What formats can I upload for documents?
A. Currently you can upload a .PDF, .DOC or .TXT file.  


Q. HEY!  That's my photo in one of your front page sliders!  But I do not see credit for me!
A. I used random images I could find on Google to try to create a theme that fit well with the site.  I recognize and will happily give proper credit where it is due.  Just contact me using the "Contact Us" link on the right in the menu and I will be sure to add an appropriate "Picture courtesy of" watermark to the slider :)

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