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While Fantasy Life Clothing deals in Steampunk and Gothicgenres of clothing, we have a major focus on Renaissance Garb being our primary focus.  We deal only in QUALITY, and constantly turnaway vendors who wish to sell us costume quality junk.  If it’s not meant to be worn as true Garb,then we will not sell it.

In 2000, during one of his first years attending the Colorado Renaissance Festival, Christopher Dittmar decided to go commercial with his sewing, making Renaissance Garb for friends and family for tips, and also accepting requests from strangers, also for tips. Artists are always their own self critic, and Chris, always striving to give his customers only the best, decided to start researching quality suppliers from Europe and the US.


Chris also worked full time in Security, EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and Public Relations, where he earned the bulk of his income. He also did side jobs in IT (information Technology), Graphic Design and was also attending college at the time.


In 2005, Chris decided that he had to choose between his current modern careers, or his business which was quickly becoming a passion to him. Passion is always good, it seems, so he decided to slow down on his other career paths and take his business in a completely new and exciting direction


It was that decision in 2005 that brought about the vision of today's Fantasy Life Clothing, although the name did not exist yet so much as the vision did. Chris, who was also very heavy into the Goth Club scene, wished that there was a spot on the net or a store somewhere where someone like him could shop for everything he always wanted.


Chris decided to make sure this wasn't just his own personal wish and started asking around both the Renaissance and Gothic scenes to see if he was alone in this desire. Polling showed that he was far from alone, as a good amount of everyone he spoke to was both into Medieval and Goth things. We suppose that's natural, seeing as it seems that most Goth are either into modern cyber stuff or into Medieval/Victorian styles. So it really fit.


Chris started planning the future of his business. At this time, Steampunk was something Chris was barely aware of, so most of his planning was aimed strictly at Goth and Renaissance. It would be later on, in the midst of a joke from someone he was dating, that today's store would be born.


It was constantly pointed out to Chris by someone he dated once that he must be living a fantasy life because he liked to wear garb all the time (except, of course, when in uniform for work). It was this inspiration that lead to the branding of "Fantasy Life Clothing" in 2011. Hey, she may have been trying to insult Chris, but the joke helped inspire a store vision and branding that fits our line perfectly!


Fantasy Life Clothing came about with the following goals in mind:

  • QUALITY garb that can be worn to Faire
  • Personalized customer service
  • Easy and enjoyable shopping experience

We always want our service to be quick and personalized. We may expand into Europe, and if we do, we will be opening a mirror site that serves Europe exclusively, so that folks who shop there will have the same experience as here in the US . . . quality products shipped locally and fast.


The mission of Fantasy Life Clothing is to bring you, our valued customer, only the finest in quality product. We actively seek out vendors who provide Renaissance, Steampunk and Gothic genres of clothing. We are working on expanding into Anime Cosplay as well. When we find a vendor, we research as much as we can and communicate our vision to the vendor to let them know we are seeking quality garb, not just paper-thin, low quality costumes meant to be worn on October 31st then tossed away. We want our customers to be proud of their fashion, and proud of the quality they receive when they order from us.


Regardless of if you wear the clothing to Faire, the nightclub, conventions, special events or whatever else the case may be, Fantasy Life Clothing wants you to rest assured that our products are up to the task. Sword fighting, dancing, stage acting . . . whatever the case may be, our products should stand up to the task.


One thing we are truly adament about is that anything we bring in from outside the United States has to be from Europe.  YOU WILL NEVER FIND ITEMS FROM CHINA ON THIS SITE!  There's enough low quality knock-offs trolling the internet, and we refuse to contribute to that.  Our suppliers are only the best in reputation from all genres we represent.  Currently all of our products are made in Europe (mainly the UK) or the United States, which is something we are VERY proud of.


If you have any questions about our company, please feel free to contact us at any time. For your convenience, there is a contact form, which can be accessed from any page of our site in the footer.



Fantasy Life Clothing knows how, to a lot of people our there, your lifestyle is more than just a casual fashion sense. Good clothing, accessories and home décor is everything that expresses your heart and soul. It is that passion that drives our heart and soul at Fantasy Life Clothing, and we strive for the highest quality products that we can live in, play in, dance in and even work in constantly and comfortably. Whatever reason you may be shopping with us for today, that reason is important to us and we hope to meet your needs.



The owner of Fantasy Life Clothing, Christopher Dittmar, started this business with the notion of providing a convenient one-stop shopping experience for customers seeking quality garb among all price ranges. You provide that product, and that means you are the very heartbeat that helps the FLC vision survive. We care about your business as much as our own, because your success is also our success.


If you are a current vendor, THANK YOU for being with us! It means that we have coordinated and that Fantasy Life Clothing has seen your product as fit with the quality and reputation we strive to maintain at all times.


If you are a vendor not currently selling with us, and you believe your product is capable of meeting high standards of quality and use in the Gothic, Steampunk, Renaissance or Cosplay genres, please let us know, and we'll be happy to talk to you about your product range and how we can help each other to succeed.



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